Experiencing a Village (Near Hyderabad) – WEEKEND GETAWAY

Ever wanted to go pick fruits and vegetables from a farm and savour them while you stroll around the expansive scenic view of farms?

With this desire burning in our hearts, we turned to the guy in our group who owns farmland near Hyderabad; Haseeb. With a healthy mix of coaxing and clamouring, he agreed to take us to the village where a major part of his childhood was spent. Even though I had been to this village earlier with Haseeb, others hadn’t.

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Sunday Morning

Haseeb: It’s 9 am. You’re late again.

Me: Abdul Rab hasn’t come yet.

Haseeb: Because you were SLEEPING!

Guilty as charged, I headed to freshen up for the trip I suggested. Soon, we were on the way to pick up Abdul Rab and Amaan. Subsequently picked up Abdul Rab and filled CNG on the way because it saves the environment but mainly because it is cheaper than petrol. At this time, Haseeb called Amaan to fill some drinking water for the trip. In spite of mentioning the exact amount required, Amaan got in the car with three 2L water bottles; enough for having a bath, washing the car and filling a well.

Hyderabad – Shadnagar – Chinnayelkicherla(Village)

With plenty of water to irrigate the entire fields of Telangana, we reached Shamshabad, where we had a quick South Indian breakfast at a stall. Surprisingly, Haseeb was called “Chinna”(Little boy) by the middle-aged lady at the stall. We don’t usually take pictures of the food we have; only when it’s exemplary. Therefore, no pics of breakfast.

Road encountered after Shadnagar

With Haseeb guiding us, with his faint memory of his village, instead of the customary GPS, we reached the village.


Villagers were protesting against the false promises made by politicians before an election, warning villagers not to fall prey to such crooks. With Haseeb, our guide, we headed to the fields. (Not sponsored by EA or KVS :P)

Tamarinds all around kept pulling us towards them. We came across Sitaphals(Sugar-apple).

Since most of them were raw, we carried them in the camera bag. Then we continued our exploration.

We reached a crop that was not identifiable by our expert guide – Haseeb.

Rice crop ready to be harvested.

Quenched our thirst with fresh borewell water.

Then, we came across a bunch of birds with their nests.

Went ahead in search of other crops.

We met a caretaker who was kind enough to help us get some more Sitaphals. Due to lack of carrying bags, we were left carrying them in our hands and Haseeb’s jacket.

Finally, we got back to the car to drop off the weight of Sitaphals.

After praying and freshening up at the village’s mosque we went in search of a field of flowers owned by a lady we spoke to at the village.

When we were about to give up our search, Haseeb found it!

After trying out some Bollywood poses, we headed back.

Picked up some eatables along the way.

Don’t climb walls as we did. Atomic Circle will not be responsible for damages/injuries occurred.

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