Tiger Hill (Near Hyderabad) WEEKEND GETAWAY (Photo story)

Weekend getaway near Hyderabad for adventure seekers!

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Tiger Hill is situated in the Kondamadugu village on the Hyderabad – Bhongir road and offers the best of Rock Climbing, Bouldering, and Caving.

Tiger Hill near Hyderabad?

We discovered Tiger Hill in the vicinity of Hyderabad on the map and there was nothing else on our minds than visiting this place. Therefore a plan was hatched; 5 of us on 3 bikes – A couple of Royal Enfields and an FZ, would drive off on a Sunday morning to the enticing hill.

I am describing the chain of events that took place in the form of a photo-story. Enjoy 😉

Let The Tiger Hill Photo Story Begin!

After having delectable south-Indian breakfast at Dwaraka, We fuelled our bikes at a petrol pump before hitting the Hyderabad – Warangal Highway.

The guy in the grey hoodie, we call him ‘Doc’. He was new to hiking and turned up in full gear, so did we. Hiking shoes, full sleeves and pants!

Bikes parked.
                                                                                    Maintaining style.

After driving 50 kilometres that took an hour, We reached the foot of Tiger hill. Found a spot to park our bikes and began hiking.

So it begins.

The terrain here was different from the rest of our previous Hikes. Also, there were no lakes in sight, that we so dearly love. Here, the land was dusty with dried grass and acacia plants scattered all over with thorns waiting to hang on to your clothes “till death do us part”.

We were greeted by wild aloe vera and some dried trees that looked like they were straight out of horror flicks.

Ascent of Tiger Hill

After a few minutes stroll, began climbing the ascent of the Tiger Hill. The scenery here resembled the colours of a tiger varying from yellow (Dry grass) to golden red and finally black (bark of trees), probably lending it the name; Tiger Hill.

Thorny bushes

Thorny bushes and dried acacia plants posed a threat and we did endure some bruises from them.

Mid-way through the Climb

Halfway through the ascent, We noticed an increase in wind speed, which was encouraging and reviving. It was a sunny day, and the clouds did protect us from the sun which seemed to be bent on frying us up.

View from the Summit

The view from the top was indeed breathtaking.  Small mountains, Palmyra palms, Orchard and some crops were visible from the summit.

Caught by a thorny bush.

Lo and behold, those thorns made its way to our clothes during the descent. Needless to say, we had a hard time picking it off.

Riding back Home

Rode back home in the scorching heat of the afternoon.

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