About Us

Atomic Circle was born out of the desire to share our way of having fun that excludes cursing, alcohol, drugs or any other type of obscenity. It started with finding the right kind of people who would share our values and culminated into figuring out things to do in the realm of “clean fun” and sharing it with the world. In short, we are a bunch of friends trying to find ways to have fun and share our experiences along the way so that you can create memories worth recollecting.

To escape the bustling city life, we take small hiking trips around our city, Hyderabad in India. Also, spend a significant amount of time looking at Google-maps, trying to uncover new places for our adventures, such as lakes and forests. As you know, Hyderabad is filled and surrounded by hills(Deccan Plateau), there’s plenty of places waiting to be explored!

Furthermore, we seek places outside the city to get out for the weekend. These little trips help us soothe our minds and give us a dose of nature that we so dearly love. Evidently, We LOVE Adventure and cherish the mornings and the sunsets we spend together, exploring, as they shall be etched in our memory and hope you collect such memories for yourselves too.

At the same time, we try to teach you the little things such as hosting events, to spend quality time with your friends, that we’ve learned in our How to section. Also, We go on road trips to different places in South India and document them in the Road trips section. Hopefully, to the rest of India in the future, as well.

Above all, we decided to share our little adventures with you because we were fed up with the Google results that showed up whenever we searched for things to do in Hyderabad. These searches usually resulted in monuments, malls, and nightlife; not catering to our desire for adventure. Here we are, sharing our experiences hoping that these would help you to quench the thirst of adventure without taking up much of your time.

Special thanks to our good friend Simraan(his awesome blog) for helping us set this up. We love you Simraan <3

Finally, We’re thrilled to have you here and look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Atomic Circle