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How to: Avoid 5 common Petrol pump cheating tricks in India

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Petrol pumps in India are a hub for cheating tricks, frauds, and scams. Learning about them might save you from being their next victim of cheating. Here are 10 common cheating tricks that take place at fuel pumps in India. 1. Lesser fuel due to a malicious electronic chip Never request for fuel in common …

How to: Barbecue Party – Plan, marinate, cook and host!


As a bunch of Bachelors, who can cook only 3 things- Maggi, Omelette and Dosa (with ready-madeĀ batter); used to think that making an entire meal was something that would require super-powers. Although we don’t possess any, we have managed to host several barbecue(AKA Barbeque or BBQ) parties over the years. Consequently, incrementing the stated list …