GunRock Hill – Beginner Trek in Secundrabad

Gunrock Hill is a perfect destination for beginner trekkers to experience the rush and feeling of accomplishment when the pinnacle is reached. With the staircase providing an easier path to climb the hill, the top can be reached within 10 minutes. For adventure seekers, there’s an option of choosing the path of climbing boulders. No points for guessing, we chose the latter.


We have been looking for places in or near Hyderabad to satisfy the adventure thirst of our readers. Honestly, mainly ours.

This place was on our checklist of ‘places to visit‘ ever since we started the exploration of our city but we, unfortunately, couldn’t find it. The mistake we made 6 years ago was typing Gunrock in Google maps and following its navigation feature. Yup, following Google maps blindly is a mistake. Always check the place you entered by going through photos and reviews by netizens on Google maps before commencing your journey. Also, look at the route beforehand to spot navigation errors such as taking you off-road(into small lanes) when there’s a better road to travel on.

Our mistake, consequently, led us to Gunrock Enclave instead of Gunrock Hill. We were going to repeat that mistake but the aforementioned tip saved us from yet another disappointment.

Gunrock Hill on a Sunday evening

Drive to Gunrock Hill

6 of us had planned to go but half of the group backed out last minute owing to personal engagements, leaving 3 of us on two bikes. With Amaan, as a pillion, navigating and occasionally clicking pictures of our rider – Arshad, we reached the destination in 45 minutes.


If you look at the map you’ll notice that the south of the hill is covered with civilization and the north has Military Dairy Farm Road. We recommend entering the hill through the north. There’s a small offbeat trail heading to the hill big enough for a bike to enter. If you’ve come on a four-wheeler then it’s best to park it outside the trail and not enter it.

Starting the climb

If you go further then you’ll find a stairway that goes straight to the top. We chose to climb the boulders. However, found another stairway. The incline is pretty steep. For this reason, wear shoes that have a sole with good grip.


There’s a water tank on the top that was built in 1798 by Nizam Sikander Jah to supply water to the military cantonment area. Despite being a potential heritage site, it is neglected by the authorities.

gunrock hill top

View from the toppanoramic view from gunrock hill

You can spot Anand Budha Vihar Hill and Moula Ali from the top.

panoramic view from gunrock hillWhat to do on the top?

Chill. Also, click some amazing pictures during the golden hour with the sun. Of course, have fun doing it.

Hope to see your pictures at Gunrock Hill!

gif of arshad
Frivolous Arshad


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